Team Store

Do you need uniforms and gear for your team, but don't want to deal with the hassle of collecting order forms, money, and fulfillment?

Poly Printz will create a flash store for you at no cost, take care of all orders, shipping and fulfillment. Then we will send you a check (if agreed upon) along with a report of all your sales at the end of the agreed sales period.


Here's how it works:

1.Email us at with the following info:

-Your team name

-Your logo (if you have one)

- Team Website (if you have one)

-Your Desired items you'd wish to have in your store chosen from the Poly Printz website. (We recommend you choose no more than 6 items)

Poly Printz will then:

2. Create your store to be approved by you with the following:

-Your designed products

-A deadline with when the store will close i.e 7 days from launch date.


3. After all is approved, we will send you your direct store link for you to share with your team, and let the ordering begin.

4. Poly Printz will write a check to you for 10% of total sales from your store. 

-Along with the check, you will receive a report of all your sales.