Rob is an incredibly talented tattoo artist based in the vibrant state of Arizona. With a passion for the art form, Rob has become known for his exceptional skills in two distinct styles: black and grey realism and Polynesian tribal work.

In the world of black and grey realism, Rob's talent truly shines. His ability to capture intricate details and subtle nuances with just shades of black and grey is nothing short of remarkable. From stunning portraits to elaborate nature-inspired designs, his work has captivated the hearts of many.

Additionally, Rob has mastered the traditional Polynesian tribal style, adding his own contemporary twist to it. With bold lines and intricate patterns, his creations tell stories of ancient cultures while remaining relevant in today's world.

Rob doesn't stop at tattooing, though. He has also ventured into fashion, creating a brand that showcases his unique artwork. His brand's collection includes beautifully designed t-shirts that allow people to wear his art with pride and style. With each design reflecting his impeccable talent and creative spirit, these t-shirts truly stand out as wearable masterpieces.

Whether you're looking to get an awe-inspiring tattoo or express your appreciation for Rob's art through fashion, he is undoubtedly the go-to artist. Rob's passion, skill, and dedication make him a true standout in the tattoo industry, leaving no doubt that you will have a remarkable experience in his hands.